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Steinbeis Consulting Impact Investing
Steinbeis Consulting Centre Impact Investing as an impact investment advisor brings together entrepreneurship, capital and technologies to help solve social and environmental problems with for-profit businesses in selected developing and emerging countries.
About us
Our Approach
Steinbeis Consulting Centre Impact Investing (Steinbeis Impact) takes you on a journey to solve societal problems through entrepreneurial means. As an impact investment advisor, we combine entrepreneurship, know-how and capital in pursuing a Triple Bottom Line approach to generate financial returns and societal value added to our investors and their beneficiaries in underprivileged areas of the world with a special focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

Our goal is to make SME-driven initiatives successful. With our support, impact investors can source and execute commercially viable transactions in energy, agriculture, waste, and health sectors, which simultaneously generate outsize social and environmental returns.

Our engagements and interests typically follow the Triple Bottom Line investment approach, and are always aligned to supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are inspired by businesses and entrepreneurial teams that consider "citizen centred" or "communities centered" models insetad of just "customer centered" approaches.
Meet our team
Our team combines extensive experience from strategic consulting, business development, corporate finance, development cooperation, the financial industry, and technology transfer with strong ethical values.
Lothar Jakab
Frankfurt am Main/Germany, Director
Tel.: +49 69 95632935

Mob.: +49 171 8681215

Email: l.jakab(at)steinbeis-impact.com

Skype: lothar.jakab
Christoph Osterbrink
Frankfurt am Main/Germany
Tel.: +49 69 95632933

Mob.: +49 162 2364827

Email: c.osterbrink(at)steinbeis-impact.com
Div de Villiers
Pretoria/South Africa
Tel.: +27 82 7823890

Mob.: +27 82 7823890

Email: d.devilliers(at)steinbeis-impact.com
Daniel Preuss
Frankfurt am Main/Germany
Tel.: +49 69 95632935

Mob.: +49 173 3123555

Email: d.preuss(at)steinbeis-impact.com
Rahul Barua
Baltimore/USA, Affiliate Advisor
Mob.: +1 (347) 580.9267

"Transfer Visions into Business!"
Our Background - the Steinbeis Network
Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807-1893), the role model for the Steinbeis Network as an early promoter between academia and business practice
Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807-1893), the role model for the Steinbeis Network, was an early promoter of collaborations between academia and business practice

Since 1971, the name Steinbeis has become synonymous with the successful transfer of tangible, market-based knowledge and technology. Managed by entrepreneurs, Steinbeis Centers build solid, steady bridges between science, academia, trade and industry – with a commitment to creating value for all stakeholders involved. The name "Steinbeis" derives from Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807-1893), the role model for the Steinbeis Network, who was an early promoter of collaborations between academia and business practice in the Kingdom of Württemberg. Collectively, the Steinbeis Network has delivered projects on behalf of private and public entities in eighty countries. The network spans fifteen international offices, 1,000 business units, and 6,000 subject matter experts that are available to provide world-class analyses and craft customized solutions for specific project challenges.

Through our access to the Steinbeis Network, we are able to crowd-in professional experts from science, academia, trade, and industry, with impact and precision. This enables us to assemble nimble and bespoke project teams that comprise a range of knowledge, skills, and implementation networks.

The Steinbeis Network service portfolio comprises:
  • Consulting
  • Research & development
  • Vocational education and continuous training
  • Market intelligence and technological expertise
What is Impact Investing?

"Impact Investing: Actively placing capital in businesses and funds that generate social and/or environmental good and at least return nominal principal to the investor."
(Monitor Institute, 2009)

"Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments can be made in both emerging and developed markets, and target a range of returns from below market to market rate, depending on investors' strategic goals."
(Global Impact Investing Network - GIIN, 2018)

Take the best of both worlds
Where societal impact and financial returns meet
The figure of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) above shoes that the space between pure charity on one side and pure profit oriented business on the other side has been filled with intelligent approaches to face societal challenges with entrepreneurial models. In essence, the objective is not just about avoiding negative external effects of businesses but intentionally generating positive external effects with the business model applied. The conventional Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) focuses solely on financial returns on investments; Impact Investing integrates externalities into entrepreneurial decision taking and behaviour.

The Monitor Institute, Cambridge, MA, has shaped the notion of "Impact Investing" in 2009 and emphasized that this is a pro-active approach, contributing to the development of new business models beyond philanthropy. Hence, impact investing is more than just a new asset class complementing or supplanting philanthropy on one side or commercial businesses on the other side. It represents a change of mind regarding one's purpose in life.

The impact investment approach is hence applicable worldwide across all industries and business development stages - and relevant for all people involved in entrepreneurial and investing activities.

Impact investing is not:

  • a supplementary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketing exercise
  • a grant making charit
  • just another asset class
Our services
We offer wide range of services along the lifecycle of impact investments.
Research and Analysis
Before carrying out an impact investment, a sound analysis of the local business environment will be useful for our clients and investors to understand the market environment and framework as well as the business proposition of a potential investee.
Investment and portfolio strategy design
Impact investments being pro-active investments in innovative business concepts are rather less compatible with the Best-in-Class screening of investment opportunities strategy. We assist our clients uncover their core values, find their own strategic pathways, and develop their own roadmaps.

In developing new investment theses or portfolio strategies, we work with our clients to uncover their core values, impact interests, key motivations, and risk profiles. We then provide a range of analyses to uncover a sound impact investment strategy aligned to the needs and expectations of our investment clients.
Transaction Management and Due Diligence
Based on our mergers & acquisitions experience, we manage your entire investing process from pre-assessment, valuation, negotiation and due diligence to signing. Our own competencies within the Steinbeis Network complemented with our international partners enable us to provide a complete due diligence in all relevant areas.

We incorporate a triple bottom line approach from the pre-assessment phase, ensuring comprehensive coverage of financial, social and environmental components for each potential transaction. Through our access to the Steinbeis Network and our international collaborations, we are able to provide comprehensive due diligence support.
Business Development
We don't just guide investors, but local entrepreneurs as well. Especially in developing and emerging markets where entrepreneurs face major obstacles, long-term technical assistance is vital. We provide new venture teams as well as established SMEs with a range of advisory services, and are always careful to avoid potential conflicts of interest with our advisory portfolio.
Based on our experience from our work in mergers & acquisitions and our colleagues from the Steinbeis Network in this field, we have the expertise to arrange not only the investment (buy side), but also the exit (sell side).
Why choose us?
We work in a professional way based on our sound experience to achieve your goals, and to the benefit of the communities you invest in.
Experienced and professional team
We are proven and experienced professionals that draw experience from diverse yet relevant sectors.
Individual approach
Every client has its own conception, convictions and motto. We work to develop unique solutions hand in hand with our clients.
Think beyond traditional borderlines
Given the fast pace of development in the marketplaces that we work in, we are constantly challenging ourselves to remain creative and ambitious. We stay up to date on recent market trends, technologies, and influences to ensure we are providing unique and value-creating solutions.
We try to be friends with our partners and clients, so we are happy to answer your questions!
Zeilweg 44, 60439 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 95632935
Fax: +49 69 95632934
E-mail: info@steinbeis-impact.com

We are located in the northern part of the city.
Underground lines U1, U3 and U8 stop in front of our building.
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