Steinbeis Consulting for Impact Investing

Steinbeis Consulting for Impact Investing is an enterprise that brings together technologies, entrepreneurship and capital in order to help solve social and environmental problems with for-profit businesses in selected developing and emerging countries.

Entrepreneurship and innovation – proven best practice

Small- and mid-size entrepreneurs have been the driving forces of the famous “Wirtschaftswunder“ and the backbone of economic development in Germany throughout the last decades. Access to technological innovations has been one key success factor amongst others. The Steinbeis Foundation and its network of technology transfer centres has acted as a catalyst in this field for more than forty years.


Technology transfer with Steinbeis

The name Steinbeis has become synonymous with the successful transfer of tangible, market-based knowledge and technology. Managed by entrepreneurs, Steinbeis Centers build solid, steady bridges between science, academia, trade and industry – always focused on how everyone involved in the transfer will actually benefit, our customers in particular.



Our investment approach

We match impact investors and technology oriented SME companies from selected developing and emerging markets in order to increase the local value added, generate income as well as profits and contribute to overcoming major local and global social and environmental challenges.







Feasibility concept for a drug warehouse in Malawi

In Malawi, access to drugs and medical supplies is a challenge, especially in rural areas. The governmental supplier is not able to meet demand and


Taka Taka Solutions in Nairobi receives funding from the German Development Bank (DEG)

The social enterprise Taka Taka Solutions (Swahili for “waste”; has received a fund of Euros 500,000 from the DEG –